The Helping Hands Philippines

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Our community health workers are survivors of super typhoon Haiyan themselves, yet still feel compelled to give back to their community. They work for only ~$30 per month, supporting more than 1,000 people each on such a small stipend. Your donations provide the financial support for these workers, and help to equip each worker with supplies and fund their ongoing health education.

Please consider donating to this worthy cause by clicking here, or clicking on the button below. When you make a monthly donation, you will receive a card in the mail with the picture and story of one of our inspiring community health workers. 

Community Health Worker Training

The Helping Hands Philippines believes the training of local community health workers is the best way to promote sustainable, long-term change in the health status of vulnerable, impoverished typhoon survivors in the Philippines. The HHP is working to train and support new and existing community health workers. 

The HHP community health workers are focused on 7 primary goals:

1. Running weekly high blood pressure clinics
2. Providing childhood immunization monitoring and advocacy
3. Providing childhood nutrition/growth monitoring and advocacy 
4. Providing monthly health education sessions

5. Providing safe and proper dispensing of free over-the-counter medications.
6. Deworming of children prior to school
7. Ensuring at least 4 prenatal health visits for all pregnant patients in the community

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