The Helping Hands Philippines

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The Helping Hands Philippines will be returning to Tacloban City in May 2018 for four weeks.

We will continue our medical outreach efforts in the typhoon survivor community of GMA Kapuso Village, comprised of approximately 10,000 typhoon survivors (and growing!). We will bolster the health skills of our 8 community health workers, provide general clinics to each community with free medications, and provide weekly health education sessions tailored to the needs and desires of each community.

The Canadian team will include Dr. Michael Bartucci, Dr. Elbert Manalo, two Canadian family physician residents from the University of Toronto, and many local medical students, nurses, and volunteers. ​

The Helping Hands Philippines depends on your donations to carry out all its charitable activities (purchasing medications, purchasing equipment and paper medical records, purchasing educational materials for health education sessions, and much more). If you would like to donate to the next medical outreach, we would greatly appreciate it! Please visit our Donate page, or click on the link below to donate now!

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